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Ever heard of the American Dipper? Visit the Audubon Society to find out more about our unofficial studio mascot and 

North America's only aquatic songbird. She sings, swims, soars, and so can you!

We all have a song. We all have a story. And we all have the ability to float, fly, be free. Like the remarkable American Dipper, we are also part of a larger story and song. We are all connected with and, indeed, comprised of the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether. We all "share the air." If COVID teaches us nothing else, may it teach us that.



It is no coincidence that the words for breath, story, song, spirit are interchangeable or at the least share common roots in many languages. The word "inspiration" not only signifies an inhalation, but also suggests the spark of a "divine idea." The word "aria" quite literally means "air" but is also a song. Spirit, story, song. All are words for the breath and every life-giving breath is sacred. Songs and stories, too, can be sacred, inspiring, uplifting. They can teach lifesaving lessons or simply make us laugh. At Songbird we hold the tenets of yoga sacred but try not to take ourselves too seriously. Here we invite you not only to connect with your own breath and share your unique story and song, but also to "listen louder" for how yours fits within the grand symphony of all others that make up that eternal hum of the universe: A-U-M. Every place has a sound and every living thing vibrates with life. Join us for a practice, a story, a song, and let some good vibrations resonate through you.

Yoga by the Sea


It was during her first 200-hour yoga teacher training that Songbird founder Annie Walsh first read the Bhagavad Gita, or Song of the Blessed One, and realized that three of her favorite practices (yoga, singing, and swimming) all start with the breath. Proper preparation and control of the breath is essential, whether to make it through a challenging yoga flow, to sing through an extended melodic phrase, to swim from the bottom of the deep end up to the water's surface, or simply to make it through the challenges of everyday life. Everyone can learn to float and even to soar, whether through the water or simply on a yoga mat. Contact Annie to learn more or visit Songbird in person or online to explore how to fly in Warrior III, Superhero, Crow, or a myriad of other yogasanas.

Free your body. Free your mind. Start with the breath.

Yoga by the Sea
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