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First and foremost, please BE HONEST about how you are feeling on any given day. Your wellness and safety, and the safety and wellness of our teachers, their families, and all we interact with is of the utmost importance. We are all in this together!


 If you are ill, please honor the yogic principle of ahimsa and "first do no harm." Video and streaming classes are available when you need to practice from the safety of your own home. Please respect your teachers and fellow practitioners and do not attend studio-based classes if you are feeling ill.  


Songbird will follow CDC recommendations, as well  as guidance from the Yoga Alliance, and any applicable municipal requirements. Since recommendations and requirements may change, we ask that you remain open to adapting as needed, too.

All of our teachers are fully vaccinated and, at this time, we ask that anyone who wishes to practice unmasked during studio-based classes present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. All new students must complete a waiver and we ask that you share any relevant health information with your teachers so that they can assist you in adapting for conditions such as high/low blood pressure, injuries, pregnancy, etc. Your vaccination status and any other personal information you share will be kept strictly confidential.

Mats in the studio may be placed six feet apart, and you are welcome to practice masked.

Yoga Mats


We have a limited number of loaner mats and props, so please "BYOB!"


We recommend you BRING YOUR OWN:

  • Blanket/Towel/Mat

  • Block(s)

  • Belt/Strap/Scarf

  • Bolster/Meditation Cushion/Kneeler

  • Bottle of Water


All of the above is optional, of course, but blankets, towels, wash cloths are nice to have on hand if you tend to perspire during more powerful practices, or if you would like some added padding for sensitive spots.


Blocks can help "bring the floor up to you" and improve stability or foster deeper release in certain poses, and a belt/strap/scarf (or even a sock!) can help extend your reach without overtaxing hamstrings, shoulders, and other areas that tend to hold tension.

Water is an essential element! Please stay hydrated and feel free to refill your water bottle as needed. 

Feed your body what it needs to stay healthy and well but give it time to rest and digest before practice. We recommend you allow at least an hour or more after a meal before stepping onto your mat. Otherwise, forward folds, twists, and belly-down back-bends, not to mention arm balances and inversions (or a whole host of asanas and vinyasas), are likely to feel rather uncomfortable.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Layers are recommended so that you can cool off or cozy up as needed.


Studio doors open 15 minutes before each class. If you arrive early and find the doors locked, please be patient and "keep the peace." If the class before yours is still in session, people may be resting in Savasana and recording may be in progress. So please refrain from knocking and "listen louder" while you quietly wait for us to welcome you in for your practice.

Please remove your shoes when you enter the studio. We will provide space for you to stow your belongings or you are welcome to keep them near your mat. For security, doors will be locked during class.

Please silence your phone before class begins. If you need to respond to an urgent call/message, please step outside the studio to do so.

You may park for free on Swift, and limited parking is available in the lot behind the studio. Please allow time to park, use the restroom or change clothes if needed, and make your way to your mat within five minutes before class. We do our best to start and end classes on time. If you arrive late and find the doors locked, the instructor may or may not be able to let you in so please err on the early side when possible.

Image by tu tu


Part of the beauty of yoga is there are so many ways to practice! And while we believe yoga is for every body, no single style of practice is right for all bodies, all the time. At Songbird we offer a variety of practices, from more restorative to more strength-based, and from more flowing to more form-focused classes. If you're new to yoga, returning to your practice after a hiatus, or looking for less intensity, start with Gentle, Basics+, Lunar, or Yin. For more intensity try YogaHour, Solar, or Hatha Mix. Visit the Classes page for class descriptions and schedules or ask any of our friendly teachers about our offerings!


Different teachers have different approaches and even the same teacher may have a different approach to different classes. To "shop around" and find the right fit for you, try one of our class packages or explore the video library.

A few questions to ask before beginning any practice may be: "How do I feel right now?" And: "How do I want to feel during and after my practice?" Be honest. Be you. Be just as you are, right here and now.

Email us with any questions/concerns:

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